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UKLPG’s Response to the Cancelling of Emissions Related Congestion Charging

Date: 8th July 2008

UKLPG welcomes the decision by London Mayor, Boris Johnson, to continue the Alternative Fuel Discount in London following the cancellation of the proposed CO2 Emissions Related Congestion Charging.

Mike Chapman, Autogas Manager, said “This is great news, both for London and LPG autogas. This decision ensures that LPG receives continued recognition for the contribution made to improving the air quality in London”, and went on to say, “It takes over 120 LPG cars to equal the fine particles produced by one equivalent diesel car.” Motorists running on LPG can be re-assured that not only are they helping London’s air quality but are also reducing their carbon footprint compared with both petrol and diesel.

LPG autogas is by far the most widely available alternative fuel in the UK and with the long term government support on fuel duty the savings have never been greater.

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Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and, best of all, much cheaper than petrol.