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Some time ago The Chancellor made changes to the rates of excise duty on motor fuels to make gas even more attractive to road users.

He specifically mentioned the environmental advantages of Autogas and advised that future excise duty would continue to be adjusted to encourage the wider use of low emission vehicles.

This policy has been retained. Whilst increasing the duty on the so-called 'dirty fuels' the duty on Autogas has been maintained.



RoverThe costs are dependant on many factors, tank size, location, and complexity of system required for the vehicle to be adapted.

Over the years we have been able to analyse the costs associated with vehicles already converted which kit has suited that particular model the best and the variations of tanks that are best suited to a particular vehicle.

For a typical midrange vehicle doing an average 10-12000 miles per annum we would estimate that the cost of conversion, at less than 2000 plus VAT, would be recovered in 5 - 7 months and thereafter all the cost savings are a bonus.

Autogas is clearly one of the most economical fuels you can use. But its no longer just an issue of costs, with the government imposing anti-pollution legislation that will penalise polluting vehicles, its also important that your car is running as clean as possible.


Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and, best of all, much cheaper than petrol.