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Frequently asked questions about Autogas.

What types of vehicles can be converted to run on Autogas ?
Most four stroke spark ignition engines can be converted to Autogas, this ranges from older carburettor vehicles to modern fuel-injected vehicles, with or without catalytic converters, and ‘closed loop’ fuel injection systems.

Where can I fill up with Autogas ?
There is a fast increasing list of filling stations around the UK and a daily updated list can be found from the Liquified Pertroleum Gas Association's website With the recent increases in in petrol and diesel prices, gas stations are starting to appear more frequently and most major Gas/Oil companies have big plans for the forthcoming years.

What if I can't find a local Autogas supplier?
Dependent upon space available and local restrictions, it can be very straight forward to have your own Autogas supply. A typical example would be a 1200 litre tank which can be mounted on concrete hardstanding 2m x 2m for a cost of £100.00 dependant on fuel supplier. This has the added advantage of lowering the Autogas cost per ltr. Its best to contact local authorities but normally planning permission is not required. Calor Autogas supplies 0345 661111

How easy is Autogas to use as a motor fuel?
Carburettor vehicles can start on either petrol or Autogas. Switching from Autogas to petrol whilst on the move is easy. Injection vehicles can be started with the Autogas changeover switch left permanently on the Autogas position as the system automatically starts the vehicle on petrol and changes over to Autogas.

How safe is the Autogas system when fitted?
Due to the fact that Autogas is stored under pressure the tank is much stronger and can survive greater impacts than a petrol or diesel tank. In the event of a serious accident the tank and associated Autogas pipes are protected with numerous safety devices, electronic and mechanical, to prevent and control the escape of the Autogas should a pipe be severed. If the vehicle should catch fire in the event of an accident then the Autogas tank is designed to control its pressure via a pressure relief valve saving the tank from rupturing and causing further damage.

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